Easter Egg Hunts

The first of these Easter Egg Hunts was organised in 1996, for children of my IT work collegues from General Accident. I am happy to say the event went on to succeed two takeovers and a redundancy. It still exists to get friends & families together to have Easter fun. Thanks to everyone who helps out or encourages me to do it each year. The Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

A big thank you to everyone who came along to this year's egg Hunt. Due to an extremely busy time for me this year I had to re-cycle last year's hunt...it was either that or not do one, and I hope you will all agree it was fun. Scroll down for more photos and a film!

The children solved clues hidden around the school playgrounds and field, counting chicks and looking for that 'special golden egg'.
Everyone won a prize and some won more, with the winners of the egg and spoon and the best decorated rabbit competition.
I'm delighted at the turn out and that whole families came along, just what I like. Mums and Dads enjoying the children chasing for clues...then more running and cheering in the famous races.

The winners of the Egg and spoon
Under 5s - Katie
5 to 7 - Megan
8 and over - George

Mums race

Dads race

Who found the Golden Egg?

Best decorated rabbits
1st - Coral-Leigh (let me know if that's wrong I didnt write it down)

Here is the film I took of the Dad's race...Well done to Darren and Im sorry Andy that I kicked your spud away so you didnt win.........

ps thank you for the 'thank you email'
you know who you are - that reminded me why I do this!