Easter Egg Hunts

The first of these Easter Egg Hunts was organised in 1996, for children of my IT work collegues from General Accident. I am happy to say the event went on to succeed two takeovers and a redundancy. It still exists to get friends & families together to have Easter fun. Thanks to everyone who helps out or encourages me to do it each year. The Easter Bunny

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt 2008 (with added snow!)

Thanks to everyone for a superb turnout in the snow at this year's hunt. Held again at my school for the second year running, with heaps of people coming for the first time this year. A record 72 participants this year, and despite some very wet feet, and other body parts, we held up the tradition, and completed the full complement of treasure hunt, solving clues, searching for chicks, races for everyone and the prizegiving. Well done to everyone.

Children had to solve clues then follow a short trail to find a hidden stamp, which they then attempted to place on their damp and soggy question form. A big thanks to the school's pta who provided teas and treats to warm us, this was excellent. Also thanks to those who helped me hide the clues in the snow at 10am and try to stick sellotape on to wet surfaces! Lovely to see so many whole familes out, this is what this event is all about!

For those that missed it.. or the Dads that took part:
You can view the film of the Dad's version of the Egg and spoon race...the whole idea was to use your body to swing the spud and knock it over the line, not hold your string and do it with your hand. NOT easy for me to film and ensure fair play took place. But well done to everyone who delighted their watching family by taking part.

More photos and you can leave me comments over here.

When the children had solved the clues and found each stamp, this is what they might have got:

egghunt completed


Blogger Ken Douglas said...


Despite the snow - it looks like it wsa lots of fun.

Well done

3:16 PM  
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