Easter Egg Hunts

The first of these Easter Egg Hunts was organised in 1996, for children of my IT work collegues from General Accident. I am happy to say the event went on to succeed two takeovers and a redundancy. It still exists to get friends & families together to have Easter fun. Thanks to everyone who helps out or encourages me to do it each year. The Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

A big thank you to everyone who came along to this year's egg Hunt. Due to an extremely busy time for me this year I had to re-cycle last year's hunt...it was either that or not do one, and I hope you will all agree it was fun. Scroll down for more photos and a film!

The children solved clues hidden around the school playgrounds and field, counting chicks and looking for that 'special golden egg'.
Everyone won a prize and some won more, with the winners of the egg and spoon and the best decorated rabbit competition.
I'm delighted at the turn out and that whole families came along, just what I like. Mums and Dads enjoying the children chasing for clues...then more running and cheering in the famous races.

The winners of the Egg and spoon
Under 5s - Katie
5 to 7 - Megan
8 and over - George

Mums race

Dads race

Who found the Golden Egg?

Best decorated rabbits
1st - Coral-Leigh (let me know if that's wrong I didnt write it down)

Here is the film I took of the Dad's race...Well done to Darren and Im sorry Andy that I kicked your spud away so you didnt win.........

ps thank you for the 'thank you email'
you know who you are - that reminded me why I do this!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt 2008 (with added snow!)

Thanks to everyone for a superb turnout in the snow at this year's hunt. Held again at my school for the second year running, with heaps of people coming for the first time this year. A record 72 participants this year, and despite some very wet feet, and other body parts, we held up the tradition, and completed the full complement of treasure hunt, solving clues, searching for chicks, races for everyone and the prizegiving. Well done to everyone.

Children had to solve clues then follow a short trail to find a hidden stamp, which they then attempted to place on their damp and soggy question form. A big thanks to the school's pta who provided teas and treats to warm us, this was excellent. Also thanks to those who helped me hide the clues in the snow at 10am and try to stick sellotape on to wet surfaces! Lovely to see so many whole familes out, this is what this event is all about!

For those that missed it.. or the Dads that took part:
You can view the film of the Dad's version of the Egg and spoon race...the whole idea was to use your body to swing the spud and knock it over the line, not hold your string and do it with your hand. NOT easy for me to film and ensure fair play took place. But well done to everyone who delighted their watching family by taking part.

More photos and you can leave me comments over here.

When the children had solved the clues and found each stamp, this is what they might have got:

egghunt completed

Monday, April 23, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Thank you to everyone who came to this year's hunt at a new venue. My school were kind enough to let me use the grounds in the Easter Holidays. The added benefit of the kindly caretaker giving me the keys to the outside toilets was much appreciated.

So...new clues and new places to hide them! This year children had to solve a clue then follow a short trail to find a hidden letter, which was then decoded as an Easter message. It was lovely to see the children running around in safety, many of the older children enthusiastically solving the hunt clues alone, or helping the younger ones.

Here are the Mums enjoying pleasant pre-race nice-ities in the Easter sunshine, before the super competitive dash commences.

For other photos from the day, check here

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt 2007

This year's Hunt is at Whitehill Junior School, 11am Easter Sunday.
See you there! Come back here later to read the write up and see photos.

The Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone


2006 Bancroft Park, Hitchin

On Sunday 16th April 2006, 39 children, their family and friends enjoyed a lovely day and the 10th Easter Egg Hunt. I keep toying with the idea of a change in venue, but Bancroft Park is just ideal for this in so many ways. It was lovely to have so many new children join the regulars. I hope you enjoyed it - please add your comments, or ideas for next year's event, to this Blog.

The Easter Bunny had set 8 trails around the park, using giant swinging eggs, the ribboned trees and objects around the park and in the play area. Following each clue the children could find an Easter sticker, to collect and match to the answer sheet, or a crossword clue to be solved.

Lots of children were desperate to be THE one to find that elusive golden egg this year. Everyone searched high and low for it.

After everyone had finished the trails the Easter Bunny hopped off with her basket of wrapped 'eggs' and ribboned spoons, and the races began.

Unsurprisingly the Mum's race is a highly competitive event, its taken TEN years of training - but the best mum won this year!!!

Some of the newcomers seemed a little perplexed as the Dad's prepared for their race - potatoes on strings were tied to the Dad's trouser belts. What a great line up we had this year which included every Dad or Grandad at the event. They had to swing their potato at another one on the ground to push it across the finish line.

Up on the Bandstand, the Easter Bunny (abley assisted by Holly and Amy) called out the children's names and gave out the prizes.

Egg and Spoon Winners
9 and over - Luke S
7 and 8 year olds - Joseph A
5 and 6 year olds - Mary T
4 and under - Evan L(2nd year running)
Mums egg and spoon winner was Sharon Cooper...well done me!
Dad's push the potato race was won by Duncan Lovell

Who found the Golden egg this year? George T & Joshua B-R

Special thank yous to Holly, Amy, Velvet and Pearl, who must surely be future Easter Bunnies in-the-making, for helping me so kindly.

A prize of 4 eggs laid by my chickens went to John Howe for helping me set up at such short notice. Thanks John.

Even though it's not a race - Lauren & Amy were 1st to finish the hunt

Here it is!!

It's not just drumsticks he can hold

"Hey, how'd she get hold of the Easter signage from M&S?"

Mary and Holly hold the finish line

Hmmm...photographic evidence...all but Amy's egg are on the ground!

Ross selects his 'egg' from The Easter Bunny's basket

The line up for 5 & 6 year olds

Evan demonstrates expert balancing skills in the 4's and unders race

Competition really hots up now as the Mums take their places

The Dads...potatoed-up...

Duncan's relaxed hip-holding approach proved a winner

Duncan's spud was quite a hefty beast!

Up to the bandstand for traditional prizegiving ceremony...

My helpers award me my prize

Duncan crowned King

The finders of The Golden Egg receive their prizes and trophy

See you next year =:>)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Caption Competition 2006

This year's write up is below.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2005 Bancroft park Hitchin

On Friday 25th March 2005, 47 children plus older siblings, parents, grandparents and friends took part in the Easter Egg Hunt in the Bancroft Park, Hitchin. If you were among them, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

This year the Easter Bunny had been hopping around the park with her camera to set a hunt different from previous years. The children used the close up picture clues to help them find 20 chick tokens and thread them on a piece of cord. Each token had a letter on the back, if you cracked it the message read ‘Have a very Happy Easter’. (Lauren H was the first to solve the message). Children ran in all directions around the park, older ones solving the clues themselves, little ones getting help. As always The Easter Bunny had hidden one golden egg token somewhere in the park, whoever found that would also win a special prize and a trophy! Everyone searched high and low for it.

After everyone had found their tokens, we started the races. The 'Egg and spoon' races were again kindly sponsored by Casino Caterers www.casinocaterers.com (superb catering - give them a call) with egg shaped foil-wrapped potatoes. (After a confusion one year when some of the little ones ate the Cadbury’s creme eggs while I was busy rounding up people for the next race!) If you would like to help out or sponsor something next year, Blog a comment!

With a huge pile of eggs at the Easter Bunny’s feet the crowd quickly gathered on the bandstand for the prize giving. Every child was a winner and was called up by the Easter Bunny and given a round of applause. There were extra prizes and medals for other winners....

Egg and Spoon Winners
8 and over - Holly F
7 year olds - George B
5 and 6 year olds - Joshua B-R
4 and under - Evan L
Mums egg and spoon winner was Gill Costain...only after a re-run, due to a false start - pity as, for first time ever, it was me who crossed that glorious finish line first time =:-(
Dad's push the potato race was won by Ed Davidson (See 2004 Hunt write up for game explanation)

Who found the Golden egg this year? Alexander G


Correct! I do go to all the bother, just for an excuse to wear ears and a tail all day  


One of the 'Lovelly' families who joined in the fun

Hands up who cracked my Easter message?

The Dads exuding confidence that they have what it takes to win...
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Ed was a novice but displayed the winning technique

Ed is crowned "King Push The Potato"

2004 Bancroft Park, Hitchin

45 children came and followed trails around the park, which lead to clear eggs hidden in 8 locations. Children under 6 collected stickers and matched to an egg shaped puzzle. 7s and over could choose to solve an easter-themed crossword.

Over the past few years competition in the Dad's egg and spoon race has hotted up quite considerably and there had been various attempts at cheating(blue tack/soup spoons/thumbs holding egg in place etc etc). Not to be outwitted by this, the Easter Bunny introduced a new challenge for the Dad's race for 2004...its called 'push the potato' - of Italian orign, I am told. A potato is threaded onto string and tied to the Dad's belt (or front button hole on trousers**), another potato (wrapped in foil, pretending to be an egg) is placed on the ground in front of the Dad. By hip movement and skill, they must swing the stringed potato, thereby pushing the one on the ground to the finish line.

**NB : WARNING to any Dads who consider that venturing out on a Sunday morning wearing joggers is acceptable. It is neither acceptable in mixed outdoor company nor the correct attire for this game. I had to first fashion the said Dad a string belt to tie his spud to. Outrageous!!.

Egg and spoon race winners
10 and over was Holly F
6 year olds was George B
4 and 5 year olds was Todd D
3s and under was Ross W
The Mums race was won by Sue Duncan
The Dad's race was won by Andy Cooper

We had a decorated mask competition, see photos below.

Who found the Golden egg this year? - Natasha and James L
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swinging potato action

Dad's Race 2004