Easter Egg Hunts

The first of these Easter Egg Hunts was organised in 1996, for children of my IT work collegues from General Accident. I am happy to say the event went on to succeed two takeovers and a redundancy. It still exists to get friends & families together to have Easter fun. Thanks to everyone who helps out or encourages me to do it each year. The Easter Bunny

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2004 Bancroft Park, Hitchin

45 children came and followed trails around the park, which lead to clear eggs hidden in 8 locations. Children under 6 collected stickers and matched to an egg shaped puzzle. 7s and over could choose to solve an easter-themed crossword.

Over the past few years competition in the Dad's egg and spoon race has hotted up quite considerably and there had been various attempts at cheating(blue tack/soup spoons/thumbs holding egg in place etc etc). Not to be outwitted by this, the Easter Bunny introduced a new challenge for the Dad's race for 2004...its called 'push the potato' - of Italian orign, I am told. A potato is threaded onto string and tied to the Dad's belt (or front button hole on trousers**), another potato (wrapped in foil, pretending to be an egg) is placed on the ground in front of the Dad. By hip movement and skill, they must swing the stringed potato, thereby pushing the one on the ground to the finish line.

**NB : WARNING to any Dads who consider that venturing out on a Sunday morning wearing joggers is acceptable. It is neither acceptable in mixed outdoor company nor the correct attire for this game. I had to first fashion the said Dad a string belt to tie his spud to. Outrageous!!.

Egg and spoon race winners
10 and over was Holly F
6 year olds was George B
4 and 5 year olds was Todd D
3s and under was Ross W
The Mums race was won by Sue Duncan
The Dad's race was won by Andy Cooper

We had a decorated mask competition, see photos below.

Who found the Golden egg this year? - Natasha and James L
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swinging potato action

Dad's Race 2004


Anonymous Pearl said...

I liked making my elephant mask. Thanks you bunny/mummy.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Velvet said...

I liked doing the crossword. Thanks easter bunny.xxxx

6:56 PM  

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